Do you ever get confused as to when it is grammatically correct to use the word “well” instead of the word “good”?  For example, when someone asks you how you are doing, do you respond by saying, “I’m good” or do you say, “I’m well”?  The use of “well” sounds odd.  Using well doesn’t always sound good.  Or should I say that using well doesn’t sound well???

I’m very confused.  I’m taught that “well” is an adverb, and “good” an adjective.  But I can’t recall rules of grammar when in mid-sentence.  So I just go with whatever sounds…um, good.  Or well.  Dang it.  I just say what sounds appropriate.  Appropriate.  Maybe that’s my answer.  I’ll use the word “appropriate.”  Next time someone asks me how I’m doing, I’ll say, “I’m appropriate.  How are you?”

Isaiah tells us, “With joy I will draw water from the well of salvation.”

I am not very smart, but I do know this: the well of salvation is good.  Very good.  The well of salvation is not only good, it’s also appropriate to draw thirst-quenching, life-giving water from that well.

Attending a weekly worship service is one of the ways that we dip our buckets into the well of salvation.  Maybe you have a friend who isn’t doing so well/good right now.  Just to clarify: It would be appropriate for you to invite that friend to join you at the well.