The sun came out of hiding this afternoon. It spent the past several days cowered behind clouds, pouting, crying heavily – several inches of tears in many places across the southeastern United States.

I peer out the all-glass front of this cafe and notice the exaggerated, late-day shadows stretching across the road and parking lots. The block-shaped, angular shadows are silhouettes of manmade things; the softer lines and curved silhouettes are those that God made.

It’s interesting to me that God didn’t create much (anything?) with sharp angles. The planets  spherical, not squared. Trees, by and large, have cylindrical trunks. Their leaves growing in a beautiful arc rather than forming measurable, crisp corners.  Fire slithers upward in snakelike shapes. God made man and woman with soft features, highlighted by curves.

Manmade things, on the contrary, are often manufactured with hard edges, rigidly stiff lines – bricks, buildings, trucks, a ream of paper, this granite tabletop and wooden stool. Man might paint something artful and seductively curved, but we encase it in a frame comprised of four 90-degree angles.

King Creator, open Your satchel of colored pencils and invite me to draw something elliptical. Hand me wet clay and give me an opportunity to shape something beautifully orbed. Fill my mind and soul to write crescent-shaped words that form non-linear sentences that tell a well-rounded, God-glorifying story.