There wasn’t a game I played more often as a kid than a good, old-fashioned game of tag. I never wanted to be “It.” I just wanted to run from whoever was.   It was exhilarating and exhausting to have someone on your heels in hot pursuit, so long as you didn’t get caught.

That’s why there was always that one tree. You know, “Home Base.” Everyone eventually ended up there when they grew tired and couldn’t run any more.

To be tagged while you were at the tree was no big deal. As long as you were at “Home Base,” you were safe. A typical tree conversation often sounded like this…

“I tagged you!!!!”

                 “So. I was on base.”

                 “But I tagged you!”

                 “It doesn’t count, I’m safe.”

So, “It” would have to pursue someone else, or wait for you to take off running again after you’d caught your breath.

How about you? Have you been running all day? Has your running captured the attention of the enemy? He has been “It” since The Garden.

My prayer in this overly busy and exhausting season is that you would run to quiet places, breathe a sigh of relief, and say, “Ahhhhh, safe.” And then stay there for awhile. Rest. Catch your breath. Prepare to run again.

But always stay close to the Tree….

He hung on it so you could run to it.