My regular visits to Buddy Brew typically include table time here in the corner.  Centered on this table is an opaque, green vase.  Air bubbles held hostage in the blown glass look like water droplets splashed on the inside of the cylindrical vase.

By itself, the vase is beautiful.  I don’t know that I’ve ever seen flowers in it.  Just by itself – empty – it is graced with beauty.  Although it CAN hold water and flowers, I’ve only known it to be empty, placed centrally on this table. To me, it is beautiful in its emptiness, just as it sits.

God, I come to you empty.  I know I’m created for more, for a purpose, but some days I just don’t have it in me – nothing to offer, nothing to display and nothing growing from within me.  But grace is why you still see me as beautiful.

Splash the breath of the Spirit inside my cynical vase.  With eyes of grace, notice bubbled images of You surfacing in my life.  I’m empty, but I’m Yours; therefore I’m beautiful.  You have called me and placed me on the table of your will, in this corner of the world.  May even my opaque emptiness be a symbol of your grace.