I’m still here.

This phrase would typically be interpreted to mean, “I haven’t gone anywhere for a long time. I’m at the last place you saw me.” Fingers impatiently drumming on the table I state that I’m still here, after all this time.

Let’s rewrite the implied meaning of “still here.” Until we are settled and still, quietly centered within ourselves, we are not actually “here.” In our culture, we spend the majority of time anywhere but “here.” Stillness is rare. Whether we are attempting to race ahead through tomorrow’s tasks or working hard to undo regrettable deeds from yesterday, we are not here – living fully present in this moment – until we become still. Here. Now.

Press Pause. The best conversations, the best relationships, the best prayers – the best of life begins in the reality of confessing, “I’m still. Here.”

Give yourself the gift of breathing. Pause for the purpose of taking a few deep breaths. Yes, you. Yes, now. As you inhale, simply say the word, “still.” As you slowly exhale, say, “here.” When you encounter distractions, quietly return to the rhythm of this breath prayer.

“Heavenly Father, I’m still. Here.”

Try this little experiment: Send a friend this three-word text: “I’m still here.” What will your friend think? Probably something like, “Where exactly are you? Did we have an appointment that I forgot? Are you stuck at work? Are you running late?”

Simply text them back and let them know that all is good; in fact, you’ve not been this good in quite a long time. You are “still” – inwardly, if not also bodily. You are fully living in the moment of this place right “here.”

Now, pause to breathe. Still…… Here……