The angle of the sun dictates the size of the shadow cast by an object.  The object doesn’t change size, but with time it casts a shadow much larger.

I am at a season where I feel I don’t have much to offer – a small amount financially, a scarce supply of energy, a handful of gifts and abilities.  Sorta like the boy with the 5 loaves and 2 fish, or the widow who dropped a small coin into the offering.

But this is the great thing about having very little to offer: Over time, God’s Presence in my life supernaturally casts shadows larger than my wallet, my inspirations, and abilities.

When I’m paid a compliment such as one I recently received from a friend via Facebook, I am realizing that what others often see is my shadow.  Because of His grace, God positioned Himself in such a way that He caused my “little” to cast a shadow much larger than myself.

My limited loaves and fish cast a shadow large enough to feed thousands.  My little two-cent’s worth overshadows larger contributions.  All this happens because of the providential position of God’s Presence.