I’ve noticed people frequently running red lights down here in South Tampa.  It seems to happen quite often.  Because of the regularity of this, when my light turns green I’ve learned to do a slow 3-count and look both ways before easing into the intersection.  I do understand how a yellow light may cause you to speed up and get through the intersection… but blowing through a light that isn’t just red but crimson???

There are times when proceeding through an intersection is safe, even ideal.  But there are also times when you gotta stop.  Stopping is the best thing for you and for those around you.

God, in His sovereignty, knows that we want to keep going and maintain momentum.  He knows that we have this driven nature that thrives off of productivity, desiring to speed up on yellow lights, and even taking risks by running red lights.

So God, in His sovereignty, created a Stop Day.  Stop Day may still be a busy intersection, but we have God’s permission to sit there letting our souls idle, waiting for His signal to move forward.

For a couple Tuesday nights now we have been talking about how to glorify God in our work.  Tonight at 97West we consider what it looks like to bring glory to God when we play, when we Sabbath, when we celebrate Stop Day.  If you live here in Tampa, join us.

If you can’t be here, I encourage you to figure out some way to hit your brakes tonight.  You may be accelerating through your work day right now, or caught in the traffic of responsibilities at home.  Let me challenge you to do this: even though this may be a Green Light moment, consider doing a slow 3-count, so to speak.  Recognize God’s active Presence in your life before you roll into the next intersection.