In preparing a sermon on the vulnerability of God, I reached back to an old journal entry.  October of 2005…

Today at the grocery store, Jack blew into the chute of the coffee grinder. He started whining and frantically rubbing his eyes because the lingering coffee grounds covered his face, squeezing between his eyelids.

I wonder how much dirt got in God’s eyes and covered His face when, with His own breath, He blew life into dust, making man.

Genesis 2 is when God blew in the dirt, creating man. Genesis 3 is the record of how we got in God’s eyes. The dust of man – our dust, my dust – stinging God.

I am awed by a God who, in spite of my stinging rebellion, continues to pursue me, to breathe life into me over and over again.  He pursues me not to scold me but to reconnect with me.  There is no other God who dares such vulnerability.