This vacation has been refreshing and surprisingly enlightening.  While spending time with family up here in The Lou, we made time to visit mom’s grave.  It was the first time that all (7) grandkids were gathered together at the cemetery.  They acted as a medicinal ointment, actually bringing great joy to the overall experience.

Calleigh is our 5-year old.  This was not her first time to visit mom with us, but she is just now beginning to understand what it means for Grandma Taylor to be in heaven with Jesus.

We gathered around the headstone, pointing out to Calleigh mom’s name and the dates that represent both her birth and the day she went to see Jesus.  Calleigh quickly moved on, noticing the grave marker next to mom’s.  It displayed a prominent picture of Jesus, which was what captured her attention.

Before I mention Calleigh’s remark, I should tell you that I try to journal all of her soon-to-be-famous “Calleigh-isms.”  She has a knack for saying some of the funniest, quirkiest things.  I plan to share many of them with friends and family at just the right time, for example at her wedding rehearsal dinner (37 years from now…).

Anyway, back to the original story.  Calleigh points to the picture of Jesus on the gravemarker and announces, “God is dead.  And this is where they buried Him.”

I’ve never considered myself to be a theologian, but maybe – just maybe – I may need to  take more seriously my role as spiritual leader for our family.  Perhaps I should rethink our favorite bedtime routine: curling up together with Calleigh to read books by Friedrich Nietzsche.

In all seriousness, Beth and I have been talking about being more intentional regarding the spiritual formation of our kids.  Moms and dads, it is an honor and privilege to be called by God to nurture a spiritual thirst in the lives of our children.

We are looking for a Children’s Bible that will be appropriate for a 5- and nearly 8-year old.  Let me know if you have any recommendations.  My primary criteria at this point is that it clearly depicts God as alive.