Gary Taylor

At the age of 32 I married my best friend, Beth.  Thirteen years later we are blessed with two very energetic kids – Jack (12) and Calleigh (9).  My wife is a ridiculously good cook who loves hosting dinners in our home, and then I go to the gym to work off the calories.  I am an avid reader who appreciates contemplative, Spiritual conversations shared over a cup of coffee. Hobbies and interests include reading and writing, journaling, working out, and St. Louis Cardinal’s baseball.

This quirky little story from my high school years has become a metaphor describing my life mission.  As an awkward and shy ninth grader, I was enamored by a girl named Dawn. One day after Sunday School she asked if she could sit with me in church. I was thrilled that she wanted to sit by me, but then she said, “I noticed that Charlie always sits by you, and I like Charlie. If I sit with you I can be close to Charlie.” (It stung at the time, but it’s pretty dang funny now that I think back on it.)

My mission in life is to live in such a close friendship with Jesus that people want to hang out with me, knowing that they’d also be close to Jesus.

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