For my 49th birthday I will…

Celebrate the One who gave me breath.

Eat poorly, like I have for the previous 48 years.

Go to work at a job that doesn’t feel like work or a job.

Hug my family.

Dream of what might be, could be, hopefully will be.

Live fully present in the moment.

With Zacchaeus-like hunger, climb a tree for a fresh glimpse of Jesus.

Try really hard to avoid donuts since that’s something I gave up for Lent.

Drive a truck nearly as old as I am.

Thank the Lord for good genes that have helped me look slightly better than that truck.

Watch my son play baseball.

Pray for my wife.

Remember my mom and dad.

Check in on Cardinals Spring Training scores.

Continue training for my one-year-from-today goal: Dunk a basketball. (Stay tuned…)

Remind myself that, because of grace, there is no space between Jesus and me.

Reflect on how Abram’s journey began at the age of 75 (Genesis 12:1 and 4), which inspires me to believe that I’m quite young enough for God to call me to new adventures.

Hug my family again.

And again.