This is Day 2 of the 22.5 Day Challenge to walk a mile in the shoes of the marginalized in our community. If you are reading this as one of those A-Type personalities who likes to have everything in order, don’t go looking for the post for Day #1…

Whether you are a regular to 97West or even if you have never heard of our ministry on Tuesday nights, I’m inviting you to join us in this 22.5 Day Challenge. You can download a PDF version of the calendar at to follow along with us.

Each of the 22.5 days includes a Scripture reading, followed by an activity or reflection that awakens us to the plight of those in need in our community.

Yesterday’s reading was from Isaiah 52:7 which simply says, “How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news.” With this passage we posed the following challenge: Commit to wearing the same pair of shoes during the entire challenge. During this month, find someone in need who has the same shoe size as you. Consider giving them some good shoes from the surplus lying around in your closet, or take them shoe shopping for a new pair.

I’m wearing some casual sneakers by Simple Brand shoes. I’m honestly embarrassed that I have 14(!) pairs of shoes to choose from. Think of that…. 28 shoes for only two feet.

As I laced up my Simple Shoes this morning for the second day in a row, I paused to consider how God has blessed me, and how I can… somehow, in some way… be a blessing to others today. My feet are ugly – uglier than most. But God thinks I have beautiful feet when they step in the direction of people who need to hear the Good News.

Today’s reading is Luke 9:57-62. Take time to read it before your head hits the pillow tonight. Or, more appropriately I could suggest that you take time to read it before you take off your shoes. I would LOVE to turn this blog ‘o mine into a community forum where we can share how God is changing us as we seek to be change agents in a needy world. Consider taking the time to share your victories, your questions, your doubts, and any stories of blisters formed from walking in the shoes of others.

I’ll close with the same thought I left with my Spiritual family last night at 97West:

Take a good look at your shoes – the ones you are wearing right now. Consider this: in 22.5 days there may be a different set of feet in those shoes. This carries both a literal and figurative meaning. Literally speaking, God may lead you to take off your shoes and give them to a beloved person in need of shoes. But in the very least, what if we were still wearing the same shoes – but we were not the same because God has graciously transformed us from the inside out?